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High Boxes boots Ladies Heel 10 4n6fPx

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Jun 27, 2009 20:24
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Is the meaning of "such a thing/such things" different from "a thing like that/things like that"?

Could you take a look at the following example?

Person A: He was prone to sudden emotional explosions in the office, like smashing a telephone to pieces against the wall.
Person B: That's awful. I had no idea he'd done things like that.

Can I say "such things" instead of "things like that"? Are those nuances different?

Grey Mercury Rise Water Low LD WoMen Shoes Hiking Kallady Deep Lafuma SIw80q4xUHow about the following? Is the usage of "such things" right? Should I say "things like that" instead?

My son always acts up at school, for example, ----, ----, and ----.
Your son never does such things, right?
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