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High Boxes boots Ladies Heel 10 4n6fPx

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Jun 27, 2009 20:24
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Is the meaning of "such a thing/such things" different from "a thing like that/things like that"?

Could you take a look at the following example?

Person A: He was prone to sudden emotional explosions in the office, like smashing a telephone to pieces against the wall.
Person B: That's awful. I had no idea he'd done things like that.

Can I say "such things" instead of "things like that"? Are those nuances different?

0 ClutchFit White Boots Under Euro Force 45 10 Football Men's UK 5 5 103 Armour 2 FG nZAAEX8How about the following? Is the usage of "such things" right? Should I say "things like that" instead?

My son always acts up at school, for example, ----, ----, and ----.
Your son never does such things, right?
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